Treasure Hunt with GPS

Try fun and exciting geocaching at Ramsvik.

Geocaching is a type of outdoor treasure hunt where you are meant to find hidden treasure, so called caches*, using a GPS and coordinates. An enjoyable day in the great outdoors is an added bonus.

We have hidden a number of treasures, or caches, in the beautiful nature reserve at Ramsvik and all you have to do is go in search! There are some easier to find caches for families with children and some more difficult ones for those looking for an adventure.

A simple GPS, "Geomate Jr", is available to hire from the reception. It is pre-programmed with all the caches. All you have to do is turn it on and follow the arrow. The best thing about this GPS is that it only shows the direct route to the treasure and how far away it is – there is no map. And anyone who has ever visited the Kingdom of Rocks knows that it is not always possible to follow the most direct route, instead you have to find a smarter way yourself...

Once all the caches have been found (or you fancy an ice cream) you press the home button and the GPS will show you the way back to the campsite, where you certainly deserve an ice cream after an adventurous outdoor treasure hunt.

Treasure hunt

What is a cache?

A cache is a plastic container, hidden somewhere in the natural landscape. It contains a small notebook and a pen, where you can enter your name and the date it was found.

Inside the cache

The cache also contains a small object, which you can trade for something else if you like – it is important that you replace the object so that there is something for the next person to find. This could be a small toy, an eraser or similar. 

Hidden in the great outdoors

A cache is cleverly hidden somewhere outside, but always visible if you look in the right place, and never buried


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