Buffet Evenings

Buffet evenings are held weekly at Ramsvik. Check the calendar to find out what is happening during your visit!
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All you can eat BBQ

Ramsvik’s grill master prepares different types of meat, chicken and sausage. Eat as much as you like, and then some, from our delicious BBQ buffet, which also contains bread, salads and particularly tasty Ramsvik-condiments, straight from the chef’s secret recipe book.

Prawn Night

Fresh prawns from Smögen is a must when you are visiting Bohuslän. Ramsvik’s Restaurant overlooks the sea and is the perfect place to enjoy these little delicacies. The prawns come straight from the fish auction on Smögen and are served with tasty sauces, bread and a gorgeous view. The buffet also contains child-friendly options and all children are given ice cream for dessert.

If you are left-handed, please let us know and we will serve you only selected ‘leftie-prawns’, which have the heads on the left. This makes them faster to peel, so you have time to consume many more.

Tex-Mex Buffet

Everyone loves Tex-Mex food. This buffet is so popular, we have two sittings. Jennifer and her staff transform into Señora Jenni and amigos. Wearing sombreros, they serve tacos, fajitas, guacamole, salsa, nachos etc.

Pizza Buffet

Copy the Ramsvik Crabs and get ready for the Crab Race with Ramsvik’s delicious pizza buffet. Eat as much as you like of our tasty pizzas with different toppings. Have you ever tried pizza with fresh mackerel? Don’t worry, you won’t have to try it here at Ramsvik either.

Build you own Burger Buffet

Put together your own hamburgers from a buffet full of tasty ingredients. Choose between beef, fish … and add different types of bread, cheese, bacon, salads and vegetables. Top with one of our lovely dressings and enjoy with coleslaw, French fries and BBQ sauce.

Musical Evening

Live music is performed in the restaurant several evenings each week (weeks 26-33).

When there is no live music in the restaurant, we sometimes hold a Music Quiz for both young and old. It is free to enter and everyone is welcome.

Under the dictatorial leadership of the ‘presenter’, 3-4 teams compete to identify pieces of music and name the artist. There are also bonus questions of varying difficulty. The music is from many different genres and time periods – from Mozart to E-type, via Beatles and Metallica – which means that everyone can help their team to succeed. And if you know the shoe size of Bob Marley and the name of the river that traverses Vienna, you are sure to be a winner.


Buffet evenings are held weekly at Ramsvik. Visit the calendar to read more and book your seats
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