Kingdom of Rocks

Ramsvikslandets Nature Reserve is also known as the Kingdom of Rocks

Ramsvik is a peninsula covered by an incredibly beautiful nature reserve – the Kingdom of Rocks. Here, you can wander through a vast, open rocky landscape surrounded by sea and high, clear air. The beautiful views open your senses and give peace to the soul. The smooth granite was polished by the retreating ice sheet at the end of the Ice Age, and walking here makes it easy to let go of everyday worries.


Fykan is particularly popular with nature photographers and nature lovers. If you own a photo book of beautiful places in Sweden, it is very likely that Bohuslän is represented by an image from Fykan.


The island of Tryggö is the location of the impressive grave of the Norwegian Viking King Tryggve Olavsson. Tryggve was the father of the better known Olav Tryggvesson – ask any Norwegian. Tryggve was murdered by his own cousin, Gudröd, in 960 AD, and his proud grave can be visited on Tryggö, just south of Ramsvik. When the water is low, you can walk across to the island without getting your feet wet. If the water is higher, it is advisable to remove your shoes.


Öberg is our own special place. This is where we go if we, against all odds, have a few hours off. We like to keep Öberg a little secret from outsiders, but ask the site manager at Ramsvik for advice on how to get there…

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