Come to Ramsvik on a school trip!

Ramsvik is located on a peninsula, in the magnificent nature reserve known as the Kingdom of Rocks.
Klassresa på Ramsvik

Stay in comfortable cottages!

All are within 100 metres of the sea
Elever framför röd sjöbodstuga som du/ni kan bo i vid en skolresa/klassresa på Västkusten.
Ett gäng ungdomar som spelar fotboll.
Elever på klassresa runt ett bord i Ramsviks restaurang

School Trips

Ramsvik, close to Smögen on the west coast of Sweden, is suitable for all types of residential trips and school outings

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School Trip Package Ramsvik Special

A school trip package with the best that Ramsvik has to offer! The package includes accommodation, full board and activities.
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School Trip Package, study trip

A package with accommodation and meals. For guests who prefer to organise their own activities. Example program for 2 nights:…
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School Trip Package: accommodation only

For guests who prefer to organise meals and activities themselves The cottages are cleaned by the students at the end…

Accommodation School trips

Ramsvik can accommodate groups of up to 500 persons.

Our comfortable Boathouse Cottages are within 100 metres of the sea and built in traditional Bohuslän style. The cottages have sleeping lofts with 2-5 beds, depending on the size of the cottage, WC, hand basin and a combined living area/kitchen downstairs.

The number of students in each cottage depends on how many there is room for in the sleeping loft, i.e. 2-5 in each. We divide the group between several cottages located next to each other. Teachers and any accompanying adults stay in cottages adjacent to those occupied by the students.

Elever framför röd sjöbodstuga som du/ni kan bo i vid en skolresa/klassresa på Västkusten.

Equipment in the cottages

Microwave oven
Coffee machine
Kitchen utensils
Crockery, cutlery, glasses
Cleaning equipment
Blankets and pillows
To bring:n Sheets, duvet covers, pillowcases, towel. For hygiene reasons, sleeping bags are not permitted in the cottages.

Activities for School trips

Ramsvik offers lots of activities. There is lots to do on a school trip to Ramsvik. These are some of the most popular activities on offer:

Visit Nordens Ark

Nordens Ark is a park for animal species threatened by extinction and home to an amazing Amur tiger, snow leopards and wolves. Why not book a guided tour with one of the animal carers? You get close to the animals and can ask as many questions as you like.

Visit Havets Hus

Havets Hus in Lysekil is a popular indoor aquarium, based around research into life in the North Sea. To get as much as possible out of your visit, why not book a guided tour.


There is a volleyball net on the beach, balls are available from reception.

Sauna & Swimming

The most popular activity among the students is nearly always taking a sauna, then jumping off the pier into the water. It seems most children and teenagers can do this for hours!

Klassresa på Ramsvik

Beach games

We can organise around an hour of activities, with fun games and amusing competitions on the beach. You can also organise your own games and competitions. Team games like tug of war, relay races and water sports are usually popular.

Quiz Walk

The holiday village is surrounded by a beautiful nature reserve. We have marked out a 4-kilometre long walking trail that runs through the reserve and back again. Along the trail we have erected 12 wooden boards that can be used for posting quiz questions. A quiz walk through the nature reserve is an activity that suits everyone. It is also entirely free of charge if you put together your own questions and put them out. We can provide answer sheets for free. Why not bring a picnic?

Boats, kayaks, canoes

We offer canoes, kayaks and pedaloes for hire. Everyone must wear a life vest on the water. These can be borrowed free of charge.

Fem ungdomar i en trampbåt på havet, en rolig aktivitet när ni är på klassresa på Ramsvik.

Boat trips

There are a number of different vessels that offer group tours in the archipelago.

Stig Andersson of Hållöfärjan offers guided tours for up to 65 persons. Ph.: +46 (0) 523 312 67, +46 (0) 706 913 633.

Zita-båtarna has 3 boats with a combined passenger capacity of 100.

Soten takes up to 75 passengers and offers boat trips, seal safaris, guided tours of the archipelago and underwater safaris with a marine biologist. Ph.: +46 (0) 706 294 556.

Windros is a passenger ferry with seating both inside and out. It takes up to 70 passengers. Booking and information: +46 (0) 523 233 52.

Fishing trips

Fishing is free in the waters around Ramsvik, and you can even catch fish from the pier. If you want to try fishing, it is advisable to bring a rod. If you prefer catching crabs from the pier, bring string and clothes pegs.

Smögens Fiske & Skärgårdsturer organises fishing trips. Join a 3-hour trip and fish for mackerel, empty crab pots and look for seals. Ph.: +46 (0) 523 317 68, +46 (0) 703 245 143.


Smögens Kajakäventyr offers kayak rental in Väjern (between Ramsvik and Kungshamn), but can also organise kayaking trips from the beach at Ramsvik. Contact Mattias on +46 (0) 706 855 845.

Nautopp is based in Grebbestad and offers kayaking courses and kayak rental. Nautopp can also offer courses from Ramsvik.

Useful information


Our restaurant offer breakfast, lunch and dinner for school trips.

Elever på klassresa runt ett bord i Ramsviks restaurang


The nearest village is Hunnebostrand. If you travel by train, with SJ, Hunnebostrand should be your destination. The nearest stop is Ramsviksvägen. From there, it’s a 4-kilometre long, beautiful walk to the holiday village. We collect your luggage to save you carrying.

There is a bus service from Gothenburg which stops at Ramsviksvägen. For timetables, please visit Västtrafik’s website.

If you bring your own coach to Ramsvik, parking is available a few hundred metres from the holiday village. The coach driver stays at the same low price as the children, but is given a private cottage. The driver also pays the same prices for food as the students.


The ocean environment

An appropriate theme for a residential school trip to Ramsvik is obviously the ocean environment. Ramsvik is surrounded by water and perfect for studying themes like the origin of life in the sea, the effect of the last glacial period on the natural landscape, or the impact humans have had on the coastal environment in Bohuslän, due to for example stonemasonry and fishing.

Geology in the natural landscape

Ramsvikslandets nature reserve, the ‘Kingdom of Rocks’, is the perfect place to learn about geology and the history of our natural landscape. Students can identify different types of rocks and learn about their characteristics and history. The entire landscape has been formed and sculpted by the last glacial period, which has left traces everywhere you look. Ramsvikslandet also has some of the most interesting examples of so called giant’s cauldrons found anywhere in Sweden.


The nature reserve at Ramsvik is an amazing place, with a wide range of different biotopes and ecosystems within a small area. There are flat rocks that look barren and sterile at first glance, but are home to several interesting species of lichen and other plants. There are fir forests, rocky beaches, and shingle. In nearby Haby, the ground consists of shell banks, which offer a unique environment where many rare plants flourish. This area is also popular with birdwatchers, due to its wealth of seabirds and waders.

Stonemasonry – are there wolves at Ramsvik?

Ramsvik was an important centre for the stonemason industry in Bohuslän. Everywhere you look, there are traces of this heavy industry, which had its heyday in the early part of the 20th century. Nearby Hunnebostrand has a Stonemason Museum with knowledgeable guides who can explain the rise and fall of the stonemason industry. They will also tell you why there are wolves in many of the gardens in this area…


In September, the skies are dark and the stars are often clearly visible. Just outside the holiday village is a hill that is particularly suitable for stargazing. There is no light pollution here, which makes it possible to see huge numbers of stars and astronomical objects. Each year, the Birger Sjöberggymnasiet School holds an astronomy lesson after dark. They bring binoculars, telescopes, torches with red screens, and a map of the constellations in the sky. Their eyes soon adjust to the low light and the students quickly learn to locate the Andromeda galaxy and other interesting bodies not normally visible to the naked eye.

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