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Bohuslän – probably best in Sweden for kayaking.

Salty water, the open sea, smooth granite cliffs and picturesque fishing villages. Or small islands with grassy meadows and narrow passages that lead to sheltered bays.

Many groups and clubs return to Ramsvik every year. They appreciate the fact that all the services they need are available, leaving them free to focus on kayaking.

We have a few kayaks for rent, but if you are a group that like to paddle together or if you like a guide, we recommend Smögens kajakäventyr. They have 10 kayaks for rent in Väjern, 8 kilometers from Ramsvik.

Quick kayaking facts

Easy launches from the beach
Beautiful routes for all weather conditions
Bring your own kayak
Packed lunches available to order
Paddle around Ramsvik
Cooperation with kayak rental firms
Group Packages
From 589 SEK/person
Fishing Package
From 5380 SEK for 2 nights
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