Kajaker och kanoter som glider längs med vattnet.


The best way to experience Bohuslän!

Bohuslän is one of the world’s finest coastlines to explore from the kayak. At least that is the opinion of American CNN, which calls the west coast a paradise for kayaking.

Salt water, open sea, smooth granite slabs and small cozy fishing communities. Or small islands with meadows and narrow passages in sheltered inlets.

It is easy to launch the kayak from the beach, within 100 meters of the cottages at Ramsvik Stugby & Camping. In good weather, it is possible to paddle around the whole of Ramsvik (about 2 miles), but not if it is windy. Then it is better to stick to the Sotenkanalen (approx. 6 km long) that runs from Ramsvik to Smögen, or paddle to Hunnebostrand, which is protected from the west winds by Ramsvikslandet. It is also nice to paddle around nearby islands, such as Söö and southern and northern Grötö. For the beginner or families with children it is nice to stay close to the cottage village and follow the coastline, the nature is amazing to paddle in everywhere.

We have some sea kayaks and canoes (Canadian) for rent. Paddles and life jackets are included. If there are several of you who want to paddle or if you want a guide, we recommend Smögen’s kayak adventure. They have 10 kayaks for rent and depart from Väjern, about 8 km from Ramsvik.

Tips when you go kayaking:

The month of July often offers fantastic weather, but there are also the most people and boats in the archipelago then. There is a lot of boat traffic in the fairway at Ramsvik in July. A tip is to instead paddle out at the end of August when you have the archipelago to yourself. September is a great month for paddling. May and June, when “the archipelago comes to life” are also recommended.

Remember to bring plenty of water! 1.5 liter pet bottles are often easy to pack in the kayak. Bring more than you think you’ll need.

Watch out for bird and seal protection. At certain times of the year, you may not go ashore on certain islands. At our reception you will receive a chart, where islands with bird and seal protection are marked.

The sea is a very exposed place, remember to protect your skin from the sun with both sun protection factor and clothing. A cap is always good to have with you.

Två glada personer i en kanot.

Quick kayaking facts

Easy launches from the beach
Beautiful routes for all weather conditions
Bring your own kayak
Packed lunches available to order
Paddle around Ramsvik
Cooperation with kayak rental firms