Fyra personer som använt sig av båtuthyrning på Ramsvik som nu befinner sig ute på havet.
Två glada personer i en kanot.
En familj på en kanot.
En flicka i en kajak.
Fyra personer som använt sig av Ramsvik båtuthyrning för att ge sig ut på vattnet en halvsolig dag.
Fyra glada personer som åker båt.
Två personer som åker båt.
En vattencykel som befinner sig ute i vattnet.
Tre personer ute på en båtutflykt.
En ung flicka som sitter längst fram på en båt.

Boat Rental

One of the best experiences at Ramsvik is going on a boat trip around the archipelago – it is just so beautiful! Ramsvik offers motorboat, toy kayak, sea kayak, canoe, and pedalo rentals.

Motor boats

One of the loveliest experiences on a really warm day at Ramsvik is visiting a small island or beach and spend all day in the sun. Navigational charts with all the best places around Ramsvik are available from reception. However, nearly all the little islets in the area are great places to spend the day, so why not go in search for your very own? 

Ramsvik rents out motorboats with small outboard engines that are easy to operate. The boats are powered by environmentally friendly four-stroke engines of 6 or 9.9 hp. Starting instructions are provided. Life vests for all the family can be borrowed free of charge.

Rowing boats

Anyone who wants to strengthen their back muscles, whilst exploring the archipelago should try one of our rowing boats. The closest island, Söö, is a great place for an adventure and a picnic, and located within easy rowing distance, even if you forgot to visit the gym this winter.

Kayaks and canoes

Older children and adults can hire our stable sport kayaks. The Soten Canal is a pleasant place for a kayaking trip. Leave the beach and keep right. Just before the canal mouth, on the right hand side, are a number of shallow bays where you can see hermit crabs and small flatfish if you are careful not to make too much noise. A couple of hundred metres into the canal is Carlsson’s former stonemasons on the right – nowadays an elegant holiday home. From here, stone was shipped both to other parts of Sweden and abroad during the early 1900s. Once you reach the bridge, you have travelled 3 km. On the left hand side, just before the bridge, is the tiny stone cottage, Mother Lena’s Cottage. This is a great place to go ashore for a short break. Peek inside the cottage and imagine what it would be like to live here on a cold winter day. It is said that Mother Lena brought up six children in this cottage, however the number of children often increases as a story is told over and over…

Familjekul med tre personer i en kanot.


In the 1960s, Ramsvik Camping was the first in Sweden to hire out water-cycles. At the time, the cycles had huge paddle wheels and inflatable plastic pontoons. Up to two people could glide along on one of these vessels. Today, all the family can enjoy a water-cycle trip on one of our stable yellow pedaloes. Life vests for all the family can be borrowed from reception free of charge.

Welcome to our reception för reservations!Life jackets, instructions and sea map are included.

Prices boat rental

Motor boat 6hk 150 SEK/h
Motor boat 9,9hk 220 SEK/h
Paddle boat 70 SEK/30 min
Canoe 2 seats 100 SEK/h
Kayak sit-on-top 100 SEK/h
SUP 100 SEK/h
Sea kayak 100 SEK/h
Rowing boat 100 SEK/h