Hiking at Ramsvik

For anyone who loves a beautiful natural landscape!

Walk in amazing surroundings and enjoy the rocky granite landscape, varied nature and interesting traces left by the retreating ice sheet after the last glacial period, the coastal agriculture and traditional stonemason industry.

As Ramsvik is an island, we can reassure anyone with a poor sense of direction: as long as the water does not reach higher than your waist, you are not too far from the safety of the holiday village…

Map Ramsvik Hiking trails

Quick facts about hiking

Free hiking map from reception
Marked walking trails
Nordic poles available to borrow
Packed lunches available to order
Beautiful and varied natural landscape
Different difficulty ratings
Giant’s cauldrons
Lovely picnic areas
Birds and plants

More about walking on Ramsvik

Ramsvikslandets Nature Reserve

Ramsvikslandets Nature Reserve was founded in 2007. This relatively small area (approx. 5 km x 2.5 km) offers amazing settings, with its rocky granite landscape, scarred by the retreating ice sheet after the last glacial period, coastal farmland, and traditional stone-masonry. Ramsvikslandet is within easy reach from the holiday village and a lovely place for a walk.

Walking trails

Two colour-coded trails start at the holiday village, the Red Trail (easy) and the White Trail (medium). The Soteleden Trail follows blue/white markings on trees, posts and piles of stones. There are a few other marked trails, find them on the map that is available free of charge from the reception.

The Kingdom of Rocks

Ramsvikslandet is sometimes called the ‘Kingdom of Rocks’. In this area, the pink Bohuslän granite is mixed with other, younger types of rock. There are lots of interesting traces from the Ice Age, in the shape of rounded hills, giant’s cauldrons, glacial striations and grooves. They are most visible on the island of Tryggö and along the coast between Sote huvud and Fykan.

Don’t miss the impressive burial mound King Tryggve’s Grave on the island of Tryggö, where the Viking King Tryggve is buried. Wherever you go, you will be reminded of the stonemasonry era of Bohuslän, which lasted around 50 years from the end of the 19th century.

Birds and plants

If you are interested in plants, you will love the open, windswept coastal meadows. The easily accessible Haby bukt area is home to a multitude of very small plants that thrive on the meagre shell banks.

Ramsvikslandet is well-known among birdwatchers – a ringing station is based here. Apart from the seabirds that can be seen from the western side of the island, there are also plenty of waders in the Långetången area of Haby. Cuckoos are common at Ramsvik – easy to hear, but difficult to spot.

Hiking Package
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This nature reserve is often referred to as the Kingdom of Rocks; it is easy to understand why when you visit places like Sote Bonde, Blåberget, Fykan and Öberg.

Fishing Package
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Ramsvik is the perfect place for deep-sea fishing, whether from land or from a boat. The fishing is free, no permits are required. With this fishing package, you stay in a cottage with kitchen, wc and shower. Breakfast buffet, dinners, a small motor boat, bed linen, towels and final cleaning are included in the price.

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