Hiking at Ramsvik

For anyone who loves a beautiful natural landscape! Take a walk around Ramsvik and experience a magnificent nature.

Hike in the nature reserve of Ramsvikslandet

Ramsvikslandet's nature reserve was established in 2006. The relatively small area (about 5 km x 2.5 km) offers amazing surroundings and rocky granite landscape, varied nature and interesting traces left by the retreating ice sheet after the last glacial period, the coastal agriculture and traditional stonemason industry.

On your hike you will experience fine rock formations, unbeatable sea views, salt-sprinkled fresh air and a rich animal and plant life. You hike over rocky outcrops, in areas with pebbles, among heaths and through pastures. At times you feel the sweet aroma from the pine forest's pillar room, at times you listen to the screams of a few gulls that loose on mussels on red granite pits near the sea.

The Kingdom of the Cliffs

The nature reserve of Ramsvikslandet is sometimes called the Kingdom of the Cliffs, which is easy to understand. The red granite is mixed here with other, younger rocks. In the northern part of Ramsvik, on Öberg, you can experience a fantastic landscape with the beautiful red and smooth granite cliffs.

There are plenty of exciting traces of the inland ice in the form of round hobs, giant pots, ice ruffles and cutting trays. You can best see the tracks on the coastline west of Sote Huvud, just south of picturesque Fykan, and out on Ramsvik's northwestern end, Öberg Tånge, where huge pink granite masses are clearly sharpened by the inland ice movement. Also on Tryggö, at the southern end of Ramsvikslandet, the granite formations are impressive. Also, don't miss the mighty tomb of King Tryggve's tomb at Tryggö, where the Viking king Tryggve is buried. Everywhere you are also reminded of the stonework era in Bohuslän from the end of the 19th century and about 50 years on.

If you're interested in plants, head to the open, wind-blown meadows at easily accessible Haby Bay. There are a variety of small plants that thrive on the lean beetle soil.

Among ornithologists, Ramsvikslandet is well known and there is also a ring marking station. In addition to seabirds seen from the west coast of the island, you will also find many waders in Långetången on Haby. The cuckoo is common on Ramsvik - easy to hear, but hard to detect.

Hiking trails at Ramsvik

The hiking trails at Ramsvik are suitable for longer day hikes or shorter walks and are perfect for those who want to experience the archipelago for a week or a weekend. They start from the holiday village parking and there are several roundabouts and shorter hikes. The shortest is 1.5 km and the longest is 16 km. Some of the hiking trails follow easy-footpaths and some hiking trails require climbing and detours around ravines. There are both well-marked hiking trails and those that require attention on the map and in nature.

As Ramsvik is an island, we can reassure anyone with a poor sense of direction: as long as the water does not reach higher than your waist, you are not too far from the safety of the holiday village…

NEW! Ramsvik around - 15 km - 4 to 5 hours - blue marking

This stretch is part of both the Kuststigen and the Soteleden. This stage is classified as moderate and is boggy and steep in parts, around Sote Bonde and the rocks to the north in particular. This stage of the trail is a coastal hike that goes through very varied terrain over rocks, through pastures and salt meadows.

The Red Trail - 1,5 km - 30 minutes - red marking

The Red Trail is Ramsvik's shortest hiking trail. 1.5 km long and well marked with red marks. Takes about 30 minutes to walk and is perfect for a short dog walk. It is not possible to walk the Red Trail with a stroller.

The White Trail - 4 km - 1 hour and 15 minutes - white marking

The white trail is fun for both children (from 7 years) and adults. 4 km long and well marked with white marks. Takes about 1.5-2 hours to walk. The white trail crosses over cliffs and through forests and there are lots where you have to jump between rocks, climb a steep slope and jump over rocks in the mountain. It is not possible to walk the White Trail with a stroller.

The Ramsviks trails

The Ramsvik trails are well marked both with signs and with orange markings in nature. There are several different paths that blend together and you can choose to go different paths, depending on which path you take. The longest distance is 16 km.

Unmarked trails at Ramsvik

There are several trails to hike on Ramsvik that are not marked in nature. Some of them are included on the hiking map.

Map Ramsvik Hiking trails

Hiking Package

At Ramsvik we offer hiking packages that include overnight stays in the cabin and meals. Read more about our hiking package here.


Quick facts about hiking

Free hiking map from reception
Marked walking trails
Nordic poles available to borrow
Packed lunches available to order
Beautiful and varied natural landscape
Different difficulty ratings
Giant’s cauldrons
Lovely picnic areas
Birds and plants
Access to washer and dryer

More about walking on Ramsvik

Ramsvikslandets Nature Reserve

Ramsvikslandets Nature Reserve was founded in 2007. This relatively small area (approx. 5 km x 2.5 km) offers amazing settings, with its rocky granite landscape, scarred by the retreating ice sheet after the last glacial period, coastal farmland, and traditional stone-masonry. Ramsvikslandet is within easy reach from the holiday village and a lovely place for a walk.

Birds and plants

If you are interested in plants, you will love the open, windswept coastal meadows. The easily accessible Haby bukt area is home to a multitude of very small plants that thrive on the meagre shell banks.

Ramsvikslandet is well-known among birdwatchers – a ringing station is based here. Apart from the seabirds that can be seen from the western side of the island, there are also plenty of waders in the Långetången area of Haby. Cuckoos are common at Ramsvik – easy to hear, but difficult to spot.

Bring on the hike

Swimwear if you like to swim. Small backpack with coffee or lunch and water. Nice shoes and clothes. A thin windbreaker is never wrong in Bohuslän. Mobile phone. A plastic bag for junk.

Bring your dog

Do you want to take the dog on the hike? You will be happy to do that. But you must have it attached so that it does not disturb animals or birds in the reserve.

Allemansrätten-obvious in Sweden, unique in the world

The right of public access means that everyone has access to Swedish nature, but at the same time requires a great deal of responsibility. The basic rule is that you can walk almost everywhere where there is no land, but do not disturb or destroy. You can pick mushrooms and berries, put up your tent for a night (but not in Ramsvikslandet's nature reserve where there is a camping ban) and make up a campfire, but keep in mind the fire risk and not leave any traces behind you.


Always bring an empty plastic bag with you so you can take your garbage home with you. Although banana peel and orange peel eventually rot, they look debris for a long time. Keep in mind that snuff and pimples are also garbage, which also poison water and animals.

Can you make a fire?

You can make a fire in nature as long as there is no danger of the fire spreading or destroying nature. This means that you should never fire directly on a rock, then the rock can be damaged, or under a tree so that the branches burn. One tip is to burn on sand in the water's edge.

Jump into the water!

You can take a swim anywhere. The exception is private jettys.

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