Mini Cottage, sleeps 2

The smallest cottage you have ever seen! For 1-2 adults.

The Mini Cottage is our smallest cottage – perhaps the smallest cottage in the world! It is only 6 square metres and has sloping ceilings that are so low, you can hardly stand upright even in the middle of the cottage. The Mini Cottage was Sweden’s first camping cabin (from the 1960s) and many people book it for nostalgic reasons.

The cottage is small and simple, which makes it easy to clean and reduces the focus on cooking. It is cheap to stay in and you can spend the money you save on ice cream and experiences.

With a roof, electricity and heating, it is a better (but no bigger) option than staying in a tent. Dogs are welcome in all our Mini Cottages.

Three of the cottages have sea views and a patio facing the water.

Quick facts

Size: 6 sq. m.
Number of rooms: 1
Limited cooking facilities
2 single beds
Shower and WC in the service block

Detailed information


There are two beds (70 x 190 cm) with a small table between them. At the end of one of the beds is a kitchen counter with cooking equipment, by the other bed is a small shelf.

To bring (or hire from us)

Sheets, towels, kitchen towel, hand soap, toilet paper. Please note that sleeping bags are not permitted.


The cottage is fully equipped with small fridge, hotplate, saucepan, frying pan, kitchen utensils, lanterns, washing-up bowl, washing-up brush, glasses, crockery, cutlery, cleaning equipment, blankets, and pillows. Free Wi-Fi available.


Each cottage has its own numbered carpark space, located approximately 100 metres away.


The cottage is quickly heated up by a fan heater.

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Secure cancellation policy
Secure cancellation policy

With our cancellation insurance, you can cancel your reservation with a full refund* until 10 am on the day of arrival.

The premium for cancellation protection is 10% of the booking amount and you can easily add the cancellation insurance when booking online. If you book by email or phone, just tell us to add the cancellation insurance.

*In case of cancellation, we keep the amount you paid for the cancellation protection, the rest is refunded by card or bank transfer within a week.

It is completely free to rebook to new dates, both this year and next year. We do not charge extra to implement the change and the cancellation insurance is included until the new dates. However, you pay the difference if the booking becomes more expensive, for example if you choose a date during the peak season. If payment has been made, the payment will also be included in the new dates.

Without cancellation protection, the following rules apply: If you cancel no later than 2 weeks before arrival – full refund with the exception of SEK 500, which is a cancellation fee. If you cancel later than 2 weeks before arrival – no refund.

All payment is made in advance. The booking is binding when the first payment has been made.