All year round, Ramsvik, and Haby bukt in particular, is well worth a visit for anyone interested in birds. The area is known for great observations of both seabirds, waders, and other species. In the late summer, Fykan and the islands of Soten are also worth a visit. This is a big island. Feel free to explore it and find your own special bird-watching sites.

“Unlike most of the more southerly seabird sites Ramsvikslandet is located right next to the Skagerrak, and the closeness to the North Sea offers exciting seabird observations for a sizeable part of the year, even in moderate winds. In the autumn and spring, tired smaller birds rest in bushes and undergrowth.”  Magnus Ullman, writing about Ramsvikslandet in his book “Här tittar vi på fåglar”.

Birds observed at Ramsvik

Migratory seabirds
Loons and auks
Gulls and cormorants
European shags
Horned lark, Eurasian rock pipit and others
The cuckoo can often be heard
Cranes breed at Ramsvik
Even barred warblers have been spotted!
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More about birdwatching at Ramsvik

North Ramsvik

If you are looking for rare birds, a good tip is to visit the remote smaller woods on the northern part of Ramsvik. To reach them, follow the path between the buildings in the old stonemason’s village Tångevik south.


Tryggö has lush valleys where few people walk. Park on Nötö and walk across to Tryggö. Use the map provided next to the carpark to find the path. You will have to wade across the sound, so wellington boots are recommended. Read more in the Soteguiden visitor guide and at the website of Bohuslän’s Ornithological Society.

Birds in Ramsvikslandet

Gulls, Terns, Eurasian oystercatchers, Eiders, Black guillemot, Greylag and Canada goose, Common snipe, Northern lapwing and Redshank, Cuckoo, Eurasian skylark, Meadow pipit, Northern wheatear, Mistle thrush, European green woodpecker, Ruff, Bar-tailed godwit, Wood sandpiper, Spotted redshank, Dunlin, Sanderling, Temminck’s stint, Red knot, Curlew sandpiper, Broad-billed sandpiper, Golden plover, Arctic skua, Northern gannet, Northern fulmar, Great skua, Sooty shearwater, Common murre, Razorbill, Red-throated loon, Black-throated loon, European shag… There is a wealth of different species. Read more in Magnus Ullman’s book Här tittar vi på fåglar.

Grosshamn’s Field Station

Ramsvikslandet is home to Grosshamn’s Field Station where birds are ringed. If you would like to take part in the ringing, please visit their website for times and dates.