Food & Drink

As the restaurant is located right by the sea, a menu or buffet based around fresh fish and shellfish is the natural choice, but the choice of menu is obviously up to you.

Party menu

We offer party and wedding menus to suit your preferences. Get in touch with our restaurant manager to discuss menu suggestions. The menus include table setting, serving and bar staff and coffee.


We are fully licensed and to ensure you get exactly what you want, we ask that you select the drinks from the range on offer at Systembolaget. We can help you estimate how much to order of each drink, as we have access to statistics from many other weddings.

We charge you the price at Systembolaget plus 50%. This means that a bottle of wine on sale at Systembolaget for 69 SEK will cost 103 SEK. For up-to-date prices of various drinks, see Systembolaget’s website.

When you order, do not forget the guests that do not drink alcohol. Systembolaget has excellent alcohol-free options to suit the entire party.

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The Venue

The restaurant at Ramsvik is a beautiful building with panorama windows facing the sea. The venue can accommodate up to…
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Accommodation & Activities weddings and functions

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